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Standard Mail von Dyndns bekommen, jetzt alle 30 Zage einmal einloggen ???

Heißt das jetzt ich muss den Account nur updaten oder mich echt einloggen ??


Starting now, if you would like to maintain your free Dyn account, you must log into your account once a month. Failure to do so will result in expiration and loss of your hostname. Note that using an update client will no longer suffice for this monthly login. You will still continue to get email alerts every 30 days if your email address is current.

We understand that the possibility of resulting service interruptions may be frustrating, so we are offering a transition upgrade offer to VIP status (Dyn Pro) for just $10 USD for the first year. Under this status, login will not be required and service will remain uninterrupted for an entire year.

Here's how you get this done in two easy steps:
1) Log in to
2) to add the Pro service to your cart at the $10 VIP rate.

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